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Jaguar Athletics

Falls Church High School


Jaguar Athletics

Falls Church High School

Jaguar Athletics

Falls Church High School



8.0 years ago

Spring Break Practice 2015

This is the break down for spring break practice for sprinters::

Monday 3/30/2015- daily warm-up with a 1x 300, 2x200 and 1x100 with a 5 minutes recovery between each Cool down (at home or vacation will do 20 minute stairs workout. (Every place in the world has some stairs where you will be at)


Tuesday 3/31/2015 -  daily warm-up with 12 x 30m starts out of blocks or 3 pt. stance (at home or vacation will do 15 minute run) Cool down.

L. Jumpers will practice run thru and jumps and landings into the pit ( short approach) Watch LJ on Youtube!


Wednesday 4/1/2015 – daily warm-up with 1x5 100m on curb and 1x 5 100m on straight away with focus on maintaining form and finishing strong! ( getaway crew will do 25 minute stairs or 20 minute run up and down a hill or incline) Cool down!


Thursday 4/2/20015 – daily warm-up with 25 minute run  with cool down! Complete LJ drills and watch Long Jump and Triple Jump Videos on Youtube!


Friday OFF enjoy your national Holiday!


See everyone on Monday!

Coach Scott